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Electric guitars come in all shapes and sizes, with extras and accessories in the bucketloads. There's a massive selection of guitar gear to choose from, especially at Andertons!


Our guides will make your next purchase that much smoother. We're on hand to help you narrow down your search for a new guitar, and then some.

Electric Guitar Guides

Whether you're looking for the best beginner electric guitar, a more versatile electric to your selection, or just some info on guitar woods, our guides will point you in the right direction. Covering everything from the best electric guitar body shapes to where to buy your guitar, you'll find what you're after!

Electric Guitar Genre Guides

Looking to play a certain style of music on your electric guitar, but aren't sure where to begin? These guides outline all of the essential gear you'll need to achieve your desired tone and look - with an in-depth piece dedicated to each major genre. From metal and rock, to blues and jazz, they're the perfect place to get started!  

Electric Guitar Accessories Guides

Behind every great guitar is a selection of great accessories! Keep your guitar safe with the perfect case or stand, or ensure your performance and practice is as comfortable as possible by finding the best strap for you. Strings, tuners...even the best gifts for guitarists. Check out our guitar accessory guides below!

Electric Guitar Brand Guides

We know many of you like to stay brand loyal - or you're just interested in what each company makes! So what better way to learn more about products we offer at Andertons than by our incredible brands? Here's a selection of manufacturers and their ranges.

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