EastCoast Guitars

EastCoast Guitars

EastCoast is one of the best brands to check out to get if you're an aspiring guitarist. Their huge range encompasses some of the best beginner electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars and starter packs we've ever come across — especially when compared to others in the same price bracket.

The EastCoast Guitar Range

Here at Andertons, we believe that beginners shouldn't be lumped with any old piece of wood. You deserve better than that, and only a great instrument will keep you feeling inspired to practice and hone your skills! EastCoast Guitars has a sweeping product catalogue suited for all playing styles, with models designed for all kinds of genres too.

Want a versatile all-rounder? Take a look at the ST Series. After a high-performance metal machine? The HM1 will not disappoint. You like jazz? EastCoast's G35 model is a winner. Or are you keen to become the next singer-songwriter superstar? The vast EastCoast acoustic range offers various shapes and sizes. Whatever music you're into — you're bound to find something cool!

Where are EastCoast Guitars Made?

EastCoast's guitars are built in a factory in Eastern Asia. By keeping production costs down, they're able to produce guitars that punch far above their weight. They look slick, play well and sound great. Simply the perfect way to enter into the world of guitars!

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