With a wide array of bass cabinets in their catalogue too, Gallien-Krueger’s range is suitable for many different musical applications. They're well-regarded within the rock and funk circles, notorious for providing plenty of power, punch and top-class clarity.

Many famous players are on Gallien-Krueger’s roster, including Bryan Beller (The Aristocrats), Duff McKagan (Guns ‘N’ Roses), and Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers).

History of Gallien-Krueger

Founded in 1968 by Robert Gallien and Richard Krueger, the company found its feet with an early guitar amplifier design, built by Robert Gallien himself. Taking this early prototype to a local music store, Gallien was praised for his forward-thinking approach to its construction, and even a young Carlos Santana caught on. Eventually using this amp at Woodstock, the rest is history - as they say!

Later focusing on bass amplifiers exclusively, Gallien-Krueger not only popularised the solid-state bass amplifier, but also spearheaded other designs that have been since adopted by many of the company’s contemporaries.

For example, in 1981 Gallien-Krueger released the GK 200RB, the first rack-mountable instrument amplifier ever made. Setting the trend for much of the 80s, two years later the GK 250ML was launched, a 100W stereo amp and effects unit that fit in an ultra-portable  “lunchbox” enclosure. With most bass amp heads built to this format today, Gallien-Krueger truly set the standard.

The Gallien Krueger Range

MB Series II Bass Amps

The Gallien Krueger lineup is led by their MB II Bass Amp range, offering optimal tonal fidelity and power. Competitively priced, these amplifiers are considered an industry standard by many, acclaimed for their tonal versatility and reliability. Ranging from 25 to 500 watts, these contemporary bass amp combos provide peerless performance for modern-minded bassists. They're light, versatile & robust!

Fusion Series Bass Amps

Lightweight and strong with their Aluminium chassis’, the tube-powered Fusion Series offer the same rugged reliability with a valve flavour. It offers a wealth of player-friendly features for today's gigging musician. Designed with performance in mind, the Fusion Series features high-powered heads and combos that seamlessly blend solid-state and valve technology.

Legacy Series Bass Amps

The Legacy Series is the culmination of fifty years of design, innovation and industry experience. Featuring super-portable, high-powered bass amp heads and all encompassing combos, the Legacy Series is a modern classic!

CX Series Bass Cabs

Made in the USA, Gallien-Krueger's CX Series are lightweight Bass Cabs that packs a serious punch! Designed with proprietary speakers to perfectly compliment the cab, they deliver unprecedented transient response for a powerful, high fidelity sound!

NEO IV Series Bass Cabs

Gallien-Krueger describes its 4th generation of NEO Series bass cabinets as "the most advanced" they've ever made! Loaded with neodymium speakers, GK's NEO IV bass amp cabs are designed for modern players who seek both power & portability.