Universal Audio UAFX Pedals

Universal Audio UAFX Pedals

Music hardware/software specialists Universal Audio have joined the wonderful world of effects pedals, bringing the same class-leading innovation and ease-of-use of their pro audio products to a tactile stompbox format. Welcome to the UAFX series!


Boasting powerful dual-processor architecture, Universal Audio's UAFX guitar pedals can deliver multiple vintage-inspired sounds in incredible detail — designed to both intrigue and inspire. Sophisticated yet straightforward control panels allow you to precisely sculpt their sounds to perfection — sure to appeal to both audiophiles and home hobbyists alike — while their cool retro styling will spruce up the look of any pedalboard!

Golden Reverberator, Starlight & Astra Effects Pedals

The original UAFX lineup, launched in 2021, consisted of a smart trio of pure "effects" stompboxes — the Golden Reverberator, the Starlight Echo Station and the Astra Modulation Machine. Hallmarks of these pedals include intuitive 'Preset'/'Live' modes for instant recall of your favourite sounds, analog dry-through circuitry, super-wide stereo/dual mono operation, true bypass with silent switching, an 'Effect Mode' toggle switch that provides access to variations of each active effect type, free additional downloadable sounds from the acclaimed UAD algorithm team and much more!

Woodrow '55, Ruby '63 & Dream '65 Amp Pedals

About a year after unveiling their original UAFX range, Universal Audio expanded the series with three "amp-in-a-box" pedals based on iconic, old-school valve combos from the '50s and '60s. Offering stereo connectivity, speaker cab and mic tones derived from UA's OX Amp Top Box, built-in effects, live/preset modes & plenty more — these pedalboard amps are easily among some of the best amplifier modelling products we've ever heard.