Double Kick Drum Pedals

Double Kick Drum Pedals

Dowina (pronounced Davina) are a small acoustic guitar company based in Bratislava, Slovakia where they hand-craft every single guitar that comes out of their factory.

They use premium woods and due to the hand-built nature of the guitars, you’d be forgiven for thinking these guitars cost an arm (and a leg) but they don’t. In fact, they’re incredibly well-priced instruments that feel and sound great. Plus they come in at similar prices that you’d pay for instruments made in the Far East - except they’re built here in Europe!

Creation Process

Each and every piece of wood that will be used to make a guitar at Dowina is hand-selected. This means that a master luthier will only choose a woodblock if it first passes the resonance test. Each woodblock is tapped and knocked and inspected closely before production because they want to use the best woods possible.

Not only are they very selective about which woods to use, but they don’t follow tradition in terms of the species of wood. So, for example, Spruce grows in many different places around the world and as you can imagine, it will differ slightly from place to place due to humidity, temperature and its environment.

Any time that Dowina use Spruce, it will have come from the Dolomite Alps because the Spruce grown their yields a denser wood and will therefore give you more resonance and attack than typical German Spruce. Famous violin makes such as Stradivari and Amati used Dolomite Spruce and if it’s good enough for them, then it’s good enough for anyone!

Body Shapes and Woods

You will see a few familiar body shapes like the mighty dreadnought and grand auditorium as well as slightly smaller 000 style guitars too. Their range differs mostly due to the woods that they use – they have guitars made with both Spruce & Cedar tops. Dowina use Sapele, Mahogany, Rosewood and even Pau Ferro for their back and sides.

Dowina Pickups

All of the Dowina guitars we sell will have a Fishman pickup system on-board. The Puella and Rustica will have the Fishman Presys+ which has a tuner and in-depth EQ section and all the more expensive models feature the flagship Fishman Matrix Blend piezo system.