“Eruption”, the second track on his eponymous band’s self-titled album, was where Eddie displayed to the world what he could do. Pioneering techniques such as tapping, tremolo picking and extreme whammy bar tricks, he was also inspirational for his amazing guitar tone.

Eddie Van Halen has endorsed various brands over the years, building him both signature instruments and amplifiers. However, frustrated with the limitations of working on behalf of a brand, Eddie decided to form his own. Giving him all the creative freedom he could ever want, the EVH brand churns out Eddie-designed electric guitars, and of course the renowned 5150 amplifier.

History of EVH

The EVH brand has been around since 2007, but has already made a name for itself. Under the wing of Fender, this relationship was established after the industry giant unveiled a highly limited number of Frankenstein replica guitars, Eddie’s most famous axe.

The aim of the EVH brand is to continue to drive the legacy of the acclaimed guitar acrobat. The Wolfgang guitar has been Eddie’s main instrument for years, and EVH have continued to improve this modern design with even more refinements. Also resurrecting some of Eddie’s most famous instruments from the 70s and 80s, fans a chance to own the iconic guitars they grew up wanting!

EVH Range

The 5150 amp head is a staple in the metal scene. Originally created by Peavey, EVH now have the rights to the amplifier design. Renowned for producing incredible high-gain tones, this amplifier is a true modern classic. With matching cabs, these feature the notorious Celestion G-12’s, delivering a punchy, full-bodied sound that’ll cut through any mix.

The Striped Series are recreations of Eddie’s instruments from Van Halen’s heyday, including the unique Star guitar, as well as his Superstrats. With EVH-licensed floyd rose systems and single high-output humbuckers, these have the key ingredients to let you sound just like Eddie.

The guitar range is spearheaded though by the Wolfgang guitar. This offset design has been around since the 90s, and is available in a number of ranges in EVH’s lineup. The Wolfgang Specials are spec’d out machines, available with flamed maple tops or the iconic striped artwork, as well as double-locking tremolos or stoptail bridges.

The USA Wolfgang’s sit at the top of the range, with an arched top, custom-wound pickups and stainless steel frets. Made to the exact specs of Eddie after years of experimenting with guitars, this is the ultimate workhorse for the legend!