Beyerdynamic are a German manufacturer of audio technology. Over the years, their precision engineering and attention to detail has earned them a reputation as one of Germany’s – and the world’s - finest.


History of Beyerdynamic

The company was founded in 1924 in Berlin by Eugene Beyer, a young engineer who started developing loudspeakers for early cinemas. In 1937 he produced the first dynamic headphones, called the DT48 – these were in production until 2012! Beyer also introduced a dynamic microphone for studio use, the M-19.

Production froze as World War II shaped the world, and in 1948 Beyer commenced production in Heilbronn, where the company remains based to this day. Their headphones and microphones became staple technology in Germany, both for professionals (radio stations and recording facilities) and for consumers (record-bars were popular social havens).

Over the years, they expanded production further into professional territory, including wireless microphone technology, directional mics, studio headphones and more. They began to gain international recognition into the ‘60s and beyond, with their equipment being used by the likes of the Beatles, ABBA, Elton John, and even Queen Elizabeth II on her official visits.

Beyerdynamic have made appearances throughout audio technology history, cementing them as a key player whose popularity remains strong to this day!

The Beyerdynamic Range

Beyerdynamic headphones, microphones and conference systems are developed in Heilbronn and still today are carefully finished by hand. Here at Andertons Music Co, we’re proud to offer a colourful selection of products from their range, including their world-renowned DT range of studio headphones, their MC930 Condenser Microphone, and various recording accessories.