EastCoast Bass Guitars

EastCoast Bass Guitars

There are currently two bass models in the EastCoast range, the PJ4 and the MB4. Both bass guitars are built for beginners, but with their versatile electronics and comfortable necks — we're sure that even seasoned players will love them! The PJ4 has a traditional look, while the MB4 is more modern.

EastCoast PJ4 Bass

The EastCoast PJ4 is a fantastic entry-level bass guitar that brings together great features, high-quality materials and incredible value for money. Unlike the typical P-bass that it's based on (pun intended), the EastCoast PJ4 features an additional J-style bridge single-coil pickup that opens up more tonal possibilities. If you're after a smoother tone, just use the split-coil pickup, or switch to the bridge J-style single-coil for a punchier sound!

EastCoast MB4 Bass

The EastCoast MB4 is a super-modern bass guitar perfect for beginner players who want an affordable option. With cool contemporary styling, the MB4 certainly looks the part and has a thick, powerful sound thanks to its potent pair of 'humbucking' soapbar pickups and active preamp. With a slim neck shape and a smooth Rosewood fingerboard too, the EastCoast MB4 feels easy to play and is simply a great starting point for the aspiring musician.

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