Evans is one of the worlds leaders when it comes to synthetic drum heads and they have a massive range of drum skins to match and suit every need.

Not many people know that Evans were the first company to use synthetic materials to create drum heads. These polyester heads would become the industry standard in years to come and Evans have their foot placed in the history of the worlds oldest instruments – the drum.

Chick Evans used a polyester film to form a drumhead and succeeded in creating a weatherproof head.

The Evans Drum Head Range

As you can imagine, a company with this much history has a wide range of products available and we’re proud to stock it all here at Andertons Music Co. They’ve got coated, uncoated and hybrid heads for any drummer.

Whether you’re a heavy hitting rock drummer or have the light feel of a jazz drummer, Evans have got the right drum head in their range for you – in a number of different sizes too! Even the most obscure drum sizes are catered for.

Coated Evans Heads

The Evans coated drum heads are warm in tone, easy to tune and have loads of control. They produce a little bit more bounce when hit by the stick could be described ‘more focused’.

Uncoated Evans Heads

The Evans uncoated heads are a bit higher in pitch and slightly brighter than the coated version. They have a bit more attack and as a result give you a louder tone and more sustain.

Check out the full Evans range below and make sure to get in touch if you have any questions – we’d be happy to help.