Tone City

Tone City

Tone City pedals burst onto the scene in 2015 when Captain Anderton tried a few out and decided that these incredible pedals would be widely loved by guitarists in the UK.

After trying out some samples, he brought them back to Andertons and now we are the UK exclusive dealer for these affordable mini pedals. In the first 12 months we sold over 8000 of these fantastic little pedals and they continue to be one of our most popular pedal brands today! Don't take our word for it, read some Tone City industry and customer reviews by clicking here. Or see the exact reasons that we love tone city so much.

History of Tone City

Tone City pedals are designed by J. Wong after he decided that he’d put all the knowledge he’d gained while gaining a degree towards designing incredible guitar pedals. It started off as a complete DIY project that has turned into something of a behemoth with these pedals now going global. The company has only been around for a short while in the grand scheme of things but are constantly gaining popularity. And you can see and hear them all over our YouTube channel; Andertons TV.

The Tone City Range

Tone City are famous for their mini pedals that pack a serious punch. They’ve also got some double pedals that’ll give you a few more options if you need them. Even though Tone City are mostly known for their drive pedals, they have got a selection of other pedals too. Compression, Chorus, Reverb, Tape delay as well as a Tremolo and Phaser too. If you'd like to compare the Tone City overdrive range, click here.

Their mini pedals don’t take batteries, due to their small size, but are easily powered with a 9v power supply.

The Golden Plexi is one of their most notable pedals thanks to the fact that it gives you mighty British gain sounds with a very simple layout. If you’re more into blues you could look into the Sweet Cream or Mandragora overdrive.

If you need some affordable options for your board, you won’t go wrong with Tone City. They’re super affordable but sound incredible and certainly hold up to other boutique pedal brands.