Electric Guitar Strings

Electric Guitar Strings

We often spend so much time focusing on the features of our guitars - aesthetic or functional - that we forget that the strings do most of the work! Without strings, our guitars are nothing. Without our guitars, our strings are nothing. Whether you're looking for some spare packs to carry around with you, a replacement G after it snapped for the 7th time, or you just fancy treating yourself to a luxurious coated set, we've got you covered!

We're proud to offer strings from some of the most popular and highly-rated brands on the market today, covering every need and musical style you can imagine!

Ernie Ball strings are among some of the most instantly recognisable guitar accessories around; you will have seen their fluorescent packaging gracing every guitar shop shelf at some point. They're known for being one of the old-time string manufacturers, brandished by countless artists including Slash, Eric Clapton, Metallica, John Mayer and many more. We also offer their Paradigm range, which boasts corrosion resistance and incredible resilience - what's not to love?

We also offer a wide range of Rotosound strings - their incredibly popular British-made bass strings put them on the map as a key player in the guitar string category. Nowadays, they put their extensive knowledge to good use with a great selection of strings to cover every need. Popularised by some of the British greats such as Pink Floyd, Queen, Sting and many more, they remain one of the biggest names in the game!

New York-based manufacturer D'addario offer a cool range of strings that suit every need. Their colourful XL range covers a broad variety of gauges and price points, and is largely tone-focused. Their EXP and NYXL ranges offer coated, durable and extended-range options, as people's requirements for their instruments become more and more rigorous!

Elixir remain one of our most popular brands, with a sturdy reputation for producing some of the toughest, brightest strings on the market. These things really do last, and are built to take whatever comes their way. Although they come in a little more expensive than some of our selection, you won't be changing them nearly as often! 

These brands are just a small selection of our electric guitar string range - check out the full selection above!

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