Shakers & Tambourines

Shakers & Tambourines

You'll find them on nearly every record that's ever been made, so it's only fitting that we have a great selection of shakers & tambourines in stock at Andertons Music Co! 


With over 100 items in stock, you're bound to found the perfect shaker or tambourine in our diverse selection. We're proud to stock offerings from Meinl, Stagg, Pearl and many more, starting at just £2.99. What's not to love?

Sometimes hi-hats, snare drums, guitar popping parts, funky basslines and brassy stabs are still missing something - but what do you turn to when you want to fill in those rhythmic gaps? Enter the humble shaker. Coming in many shapes and sizes, these simple items add just the right amount of subtle movement to your mix! 

We sell a great range of tambourines that can be used independantly, on drum kits, or even foot-operated! Perfect for when you want to add that classic Motown-esque shimmer to any style of music! 

Check out our full shaker & tambourine selection below!