Alesis offer a massive range of affordable everyday gear for musicians on the go. Whether you’re looking for a midi interface for your iPad, a Digital piano or a kick ass electronic drumkit for silent practicing at home, Alesis are a great option when you’re limited on budget, and want a cheaper alternative to the top end brands.

History Of Alesis

Alesis was established in 1980, and built a strong brand using innovative semi-conductor chip technology and industrial design to bring down the cost of studio recording equipment without sacrificing quality.

As the creator of ADAT, Alesis helped introduce a whole new generation of musicians into music technology at a time when most recording gear was massively expensive and hard to use.Taking this ethos, Alesis continue to create a wide range of reliable quality instruments and recording gear at affordable prices.


In recent years, Alesis' range of electronic Drum kits have been hugely popular, with their kits providing fantastic value for beginners and casual players needing a cost effective silent practice kit. They have recently redesigned the Alesis Drumkit range with the Nitro Kit, Forge Kit and Strike Kit offering a fantastic range to suit all budgets.

Alesis also offer an awesome range of affordable USB MIDI keyboard controllers for music production called the V-Series Keyboards, so that you can take advantage of your library of instruments and synths on your DAW.