Akai Professional

Akai Professional

Akai Professional make a wide range of fantastic production tools and live performance controllers that make it easy to express your ideas as a musician in the studio or live.


Whether you’re just looking for a MIDI keyboard with some built-in production controls and drum pads, or you want a complete standalone production system like the MPC, Akai Professional have developed a reputation for their pads, keybeds and hardware that’s hard to beat.

History of Akai Professional

Akai Professional started in 1984 with one mission statement “to give artists the tools they need to express and explore new musical possibilities.”

In real terms, Akai really forever changed the Music production market with their MPC controllers in 1988. This series of Grooveboxes combined MIDI sequencing, sampling and a drum machine to create a full music production centre right at your fingertips. Since then, they have continued to make powerful music production tools including keyboards and MIDI controllers, as well as continuously refining the MPC design, redefining any preconceptions of what a standalone production experience should offer.

Popular Akai Professional Gear

Akai Professional have continually innovated controller and standalone solutions culminating in the latest generation of standalone production and performance solutions, including the MPC Live II, MPC One and MPC X. Andertons Music Co. is proud to be an MPC Specialist centre where we have trained staff on hand to give you in-depth advice to see how the MPC would work for you.

Akai Professional also offer a range of USB MIDI production controllers to help you make great music on your computer. From the world’s first dedicated controller for FL Studio, to the iconic APC series and MPD series, Akai Processional’s drum-pad and clip-based controllers feature the same acclaimed build and feature packed functionality that made their MPC series so popular. In addition, the MPK controllers grace stages and studios globally, trusted for their superior response, feature packed control options and plug-in-and-play connectivity.