TC Helicon

TC Helicon

TC Helicon is the vocal division of TC Electronic. Specialising in affordable and diverse vocal effects and processing tools, each is dedicated to improving and creatively altering your live vocal sound. They make everything a vocalist could ever need!

TC Helicon create essential tools for vocalists - from live vocal mics to vocal effects pedals, vocal rack units and vocal multi effects units.

Most vocalists rely on their engineer to sort out their sound for them; it's much better to control some aspects of your sound yourself though! This is particularly key if you want to get creative with specific effects. Taking control of your own sound means that you can craft a consistent, wholly unique sonic signature that's entirely yours. You can also add depth and power by turning specific effects on and off whilst you perform on stage.

Turn a boring, dry live vocal into studio-worthy tones on stage, or completely transform your voice and experiment with cutting-edge synth or robotic sounds. With TC Helicon products, it's all possible.

TC Helicon offer a number of different stomp boxes for reverb, EQ, harmony effects and more. But if you're just starting out and aren't sure what to go for, they also offer intuitive multi effects units called VoiceLive. These give you total control over multiple effects at once!