Often considered the unsung hero of the ensemble mix, we at Andertons Music Co. know just how vital percussion can be - so we've made sure that we have plenty on offer!

Our range features everything you'll need for a pumping percussion section - whether it's simple streetside busking or a full gigging ensemble setup, you'll find everything you need right here!

To add a little extra 'shake' to your arrangements, why not check out our selection of shakers and tambourines? We have over 100 different options for you to find the perfect item for you.

Got a bit of musical space to fill? Add a woody, latin-esque element with our wealth of woodblocks, claves, cowbells and more available. Or if you need some simple rhythmic accompaniment and fancy something a little more characterful, we've got over 120 cajons, bongos, congas and more to choose from!

Want to learn more? Why not check out our guide to all things percussion?

These make up only a portion of our full percussion section, which also includes tuned percussion, chimes, ethnic instruments and more. We stock many of the world's leading percussion brands, including Stagg, Pearl and Meinl.

We offer in-store advice, finance options and free UK delivery on orders over £149 - take a look at our full selection below!