RCF Speakers

RCF Speakers

RCF are an Italian purveyor of PA systems and accessories, with a variety of mid-budget to professional-grade hardware on offer!


RCF was originally founded in 1949 by a team of Italian sound engineers. They had a clear goal in mind; to innovate and create audio products that are ahead of their time, delivering unparalleled performance!

Initially producing microphones and amplifiers, they expanded their public address offerings in-line with the times; as events grew in size and audio demands increased, RCF stepped up their PA system game accordingly. In 1996 they introduced their ART series of pro-audio cabinets, which ultimately became the core of their product range.

Unlike many audio manufacturers, RCF choose to develop and build their own components; this means they have complete control over almost every aspect of design and manufacture. The result is a near-unmatched attention to detail and level of expertise, ensuring that everything they do is inline with the company’s original vision!

Whether it’s a private function or a ticketed open-air event, the RCF range will have something that suits your needs. They offer a great selection of ‘traditional’ active and passive speaker systems that can be tweaked to your requirements, as well as a number of compact/portable systems for modern applications!

Check out our full RCF selection of PA equipment below!