From standalone samplers to working entirely in the box with software, there's plenty of ways to sample on offer here at Andertons Music Co. 

In the simplest terms, a sampler allows you to input your own sound to be manipulated. This may mean using your own drum samples, it may mean warping a vocal part for extra ambience - it depends entirely on what you go for. Many samples include built-in effects like reverb, delay, pitch and modulation, so you can truly hone in on your own sound.

We stock a range hardware samplers from some of the biggest brands in the business, including Akai, Elektron, Roland, Novation and more. Or, if you prefer to work with both software and hardware combined, why not use Ableton Live 11 alongside the Push 2

For some more insight on all things samplers and sampling, why not have a read of our blog - What is Sampling in Music? 

If you've got any questions about our sampler range, please contact us - otherwise, you'll find our full selection below.