EQ Pedals

EQ Pedals

Firstly, we should point you in the direction of our ultimate guide to EQ pedals where you’ll find all the information you need on which EQ pedal to buy.

Let’s define what EQ actually stands for. When referenced, EQ means Equalizer or Equalization. It’s actually a scientific term that defines the spectrum of sound. It defines where certain sounds and frequencies sit on a universal spectrum.

You’ll probably be familiar with the three basic EQ terms which are Bass, Mids and Treble.

In music an equalizer is used to alter the frequency response of an audio system (or amplifier or speaker etc.) using linear filters. These simple filters can alter the sound of a song or your guitar in this case.

If you’d like a simple example of how it works, play a song that you know well through your hi-fi system or car radio. If you make drastic adjustments to the bass or treble you’ll immediately be able to hear what these filters change in the sound.

This same principle applies to guitar on its own.

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