Aguilar Amplification

Aguilar Amplification

Aguilar Amplification have an ethos of designing products that cater to a real-world musical need. They aim to inspire bassists around the world with the tones that are available from Aguilar gear and their credo of ‘constant improvement’ means that they don’t rest on their laurels or history. Aguilar are a company that move forward every day and this shows in the quality of their bass amps and pedals.

The Aguilar Range

Aguilar are most well known for their Bass amps. The Aguilar bass range is full of bass heads and cabs as well as bass combos and even pedals that’ll give you that familiar punchy Aguilar tone.

The Aguilar sound is defined as bottom and top heavy with a slight scooped mid. This gives you a fat, punchy and clear bass tone. This is captured in the lightweight Tone Hammer 500 bass head.

Aguilar are also well known for their powerful active preamps which are featured on many Spector basses. The Aguilar bass preamp has a dynamic response to your playing but is also incredibly transparent allowing you to dial in your EQ exactly how you want i!