PA Power Amps

PA Power Amps

Power amplifiers provide the juice behind your passive PA speakers. Check out the range at Andertons Music Co now!


You may be thinking 'does my PA system need a power amplifier?' This question is easily answered by which PA system speakers you'd like to go for. A PA system amplifier is only really required if you're using passive PA speakers, whereas active PA speakers will have built-in amplifiers.

A PA power amplifier is what provides power to speakers that don't have their own power supply. It can often allow greater control over volume and offer increased clarity, plus it's more practical if you have a large number of speakers; fewer power points are required to run your system! If you want to learn a little more about what goes into setting up a PA system, you might want to check out our ultimate guide to PA systems!

With offerings from Bose and QSC among others, our range is designed to offer something for every need. Looking for a school PA system or PA systems for bands? We'll have you covered! Please get in touch if you have any questions about our PA power amp selection!

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