Mini Guitar Pedals

Mini Guitar Pedals

Mini guitar pedals are super-popular thanks to the fact that you can now have double the amount of pedals before because they’re generally half the size of a standard guitar pedal! We stock the top mini pedal brands including Tone City, Mooer and Hotone who all specialise in making these tiny guitar pedals. Other big-hitting pedal companies such as TC Electronic, Dunlop, MXR and even Way Huge have all got a range of mini pedals with a number of other companies jumping on the bandwagon too.

It’s worth saying that a lot of these pedals have simply had their circuit boards shrunken-down to a mini size and as such you’re not sacrificing tone in any way at all. These mini pedals still have plenty of punch!

Power Up

Most mini pedals aren’t battery-powered which can only be thought of as a good thing when it comes to protecting the environment! Mostly though, this just makes life much easier when powering pedals using a decent power brick on your board.

Mini pedals will rarely use more than 9v to power them up so you can get away with using either a daisy chain with sufficient current going to your pedals or a standard pedal power brick.

All Of The Effects

You’ll be able to find just about any type of guitar effect in a mini pedal format including a plethora of overdrive and distortion pedals as well as your standard modulation effects like phaser, chorus and flanger. More complicated pedals like delays and reverbs aren’t quite as readily available but are still on offer and as this portion of the guitar effects world grows, we expect you’ll see more ‘mini-boards’ all over the world.