Condenser Microphones

Condenser Microphones

The Condenser Microphone is the staple of the studio; capable of capturing any source with the utmount of detail. Browse our selection of  small & large diaphragm condenser mics to find all-rounder studio mics, vocal mics, instrument mics and more...


We've got a wide range of Condenser microphones from all of the most popular companies, including classics from Neumann, Shure, AKG and Rode.


Our Large Diaphragm Condenser microphones are perfect for many applications in the studio. If you're looking for your first project studio mic, The sE Electronics X1A, Rode NT1 and Sontronics STC microphones offer cost effective all round studio tools that can be used for many applications including vocals, acoustic guitar, as drum microphones and on many other instruments, and 2 as a pair provides the perfect stereo room recording. 


If you have a bit more budget to spend, mics from top brands like Aston, AKG, Lauten Audio, Neumann and Warm Audio provide even more versatile all round studio microphones with switchable polar patterns, filters and other features to help get the most out of your recordings.


We also offer a range of small-diaphragm microphones, sometimes called "pencil mics" due to their long thin design. These are fantastic tools for stereo recordings and are often used as drum microphone overheads or miking an acoustic piano however, like most condensers they can be used on a number of sources.


If you're a vocalist and you're looking for a condenser microphone package designed for vocals, check out our Vocal Microphones Category.


Browse through our Condenser Microphones category and please make use  of the attribute options on the left hand panel to find the perfect mic for you...