Sontronics Microphones

Sontronics are UK-based microphone specialists, with a penchant for combining innovative design with classic styling!

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Sontronics Microphones

Sontronics Microphones are instantly recognisable for their attractive, borderline-vintage aesthetics combined with modern features. This quite neatly embodies their approach: to capture the magical warmth and dynamics of classic recordings while providing all of the versatility of innovative mic technology!

A History of Sontronics

The company was founded in 2004 by musician and audio enthusiast Trevor Coley. He wanted to pursue his dream of making microphones that delivered high-quality results at affordable price points. He began prototyping ideas and designs that would not only achieve this, but also set them apart from competitors in the industry.

Since launching at the NAMM Show in California in 2005, the brand has gone from strength to strength. Starting with a small, focused range of studio microphones, their catalogue gradually expanded until they covered every aspect of the category, including live mics, drum mics, valve mics and much more!

All of Sontronics products are designed and developed in Dorset, South England, by Trevor and the team. New models are extensively field-tested by top UK producers working with high-calibre acts (U2, Adele, Coldplay and many more), with most component manufacture also taking place in the UK. They also employ a team of manufacturers based in Shangai, where much of the metalwork is hand-built to specific Sontronics criteria. The final stage of the process is finishing and checking everything by hand back in Dorset, ensuring every microphone is the best it can possibly be!

The Sontronics Range

The Sontronics microphone catalogue is highly-varied, but with a number of common themes; superior build quality, simple but useful features, and timeless design.

Their live microphone selection is concise and versatile, headed up by the award-winning Solo Handheld Dynamic Supercardioid mic. Offering excellent side-rejection, beautiful harmonic detail and a whopping range of 50Hz-15kHz, it’ll even work for drums and guitar!

Sontronics also produce a number of mics that are ideal for live instrument mic’ing or recording, including the STC-1 Small Diaphragm mic. This compact unit is perfect for choirs and percussion ensembles, complete with Sontronics’ signature high-frequency roll-off for easy mixing.

Their studio selection is just as diverse, with a number of condenser, ribbon, valve and variable-pattern options for maximum versatility! The STC-2 is among their most popular and affordable studio mic offerings, with a brilliantly balanced response with the same high-frequency roll-off making it ideal for vocals and acoustic instruments. Their high-end microphones, such as the Mercury Valve mic, offer professional-quality sound and diversity that’s almost unmatched.

Sontronics also offer a range of components and accessories, including cases, stands and more. If you have any questions about our Sontronics range, please get in touch – in the meantime, check it out below!