Folk & Bluegrass Instruments

Folk & Bluegrass Instruments

Whilst we proud ourselves on our selection of acoustic guitars, we couldn’t leave out stringed instruments that most guitar plays would be able to pick up and play. We stock Folk & Bluegrass instruments from all the big-hitters such as Epiphone, Fender & Gretsch.

We keep a host of Ukuleles in stock so that you can pick one up for your next beach holiday or even keep one at home on the couch when you want a jam. Available in a variety of body sizes you can get one for yourself or small uke for your little one – hopefully they go on to play the guitar one day!

If a Resonator is more your thing then you can have a look around at our range of resonators with Tricone, Single Inverted-Cone and Biscuit designs. All provide slightly different tones and varying amounts of sustain so find the one for you and get your slide chops up.

If you’re backing up a folk band, or simply after something a bit different then you might want a Mandolin. Fortunately, we stock both Mandolins as well as cases and gig bags for these gorgeous little instruments.

You’ll find a range of assorted instruments in our Folk & Bluegrass category. Last but not least is the humble Banjo. We stock a handful of these 5-string instruments for the real chicken-pickers out there.