History of Yamaha

Yamaha are well known for making a wide range of things; from acoustic pianos to trumpets, golf clubs, motorcycles, skis & even archery bows! Whatever they put their design skills to, Yamaha always hit the mark in terms of quality and performance.

The roots of the Yamaha Corporation can be traced back to the organ when, in 1887, a local school needing repairs for their reed organ contacted Torakusu Yamaha, the third son of a Samurai. Yamaha, who had originally trained as a watchmaker, was so fascinated by the workings of the instrument that he decided to build one himself.

From these humble beginnings, Yamaha has grown to become the world’s largest musical instrument manufacturer. They are now particularly well known for their world renowned digital and acoustic pianos, and have gone down in history for their classic keyboards like the DX7 and the CP80 that shaped the sounds of the 80’s.


Yamaha have a fantastic line of products that span every area.
Montage, Clavinova, PSR Keyboards, Stage Custom Drums, RD Stage Pianos, Revstar, THR, Reface.