Clavia Nord

Clavia Nord

Clavia are a highly-regarded name in the keyboard and synthesizer world. With over 30 years of experience, the manufacturer continues to deliver a lucrative range of digital instruments in the 21st Century.


Their most famous line is arguably the Nord Lead series. These virtual analog synths have been in production for over 20 years, and are still among the most popular and recognised synthesisers on the market.

A huge number of touring artists endorse their gear, including Brandon Bush (John Mayer), Brian Ferry (Roxy Music) and DJ Kilmore (Incubus).

History of Clavia

Founded in 1983 in Stockholm, Sweden, Clavia initially made their mark with their digital drum pad/trigger products under the “ddrum” name. Using real drum heads rather than rubber pads, with a rack-mountable sound module, these gave drummers a more realistic feel compared to their electronic drum kit counterparts at the time.

It was in 1995 that Clavia unleashed the Nord Lead synthesiser line. These “virtual analog” synths, a term coined by the brand, are renowned for their bright scarlet red casing. For years they have been seen gracing many stages around the world, but are also used commonly in studios for their high-quality sounds. Undergoing several updates throughout the years, these synthesisers are considered an industry standard by many.

Introducing further instruments, such as the Nord Stage and Nord Electro, Clavia are an established company that continue to drive keyboard and synthesiser technology.

Clavia Nord Range 

Clavia’s Nord Lead synths are capable of reproducing the character of vintage synths with amazing conviction, and boast some unique modern sounds too. Simple to program and manipulate, the Lead synthesisers are notorious for their efficient design and easy on-the-fly sound editing.

The Nord Electro keyboards also feature powerful sound engines and an impressive control set, letting users tweak their perfect sounds. Able to emulate classical instruments and pianos with an incredible range of built-in samples, the Electro keyboards are among the best in their category. Available with semi-weighted keys, they also offer a genuine, more familiar feel.

The flagship Nord Stage series keyboards are powerful, tour-ready instruments built for performance. Packed full of features, not to mention a huge amount of sounds, these high-end units are for the professional musician looking for a keyboard without limitations.