Unknown to many, Rickenbacker were actually the first company in the world to produce electric guitars, with production starting as early as 1932. It’s no wonder then that they have an air of nostalgia and a design that is both retro and timeless – what’s not to love?

Despite being electric guitar pioneers, they’re arguably better-known for their bass guitars. Used by countless players throughout the decades such as Lemmy, Geddy Lee, Paul McCartney and more, they’ve become borderline-iconic in the world of bass.

With unique design appointments like the Rick-O-Sound stereo output, the double truss-rod design, one-piece necks in their basses and much more, Rickenbacker instruments really do stand out from the crowd, even beyond their aesthetics!

Speaking of aesthetics, you can spot one from a mile away! With striking retro curves coupled with classic chrome hardware and that headstock shape, they’ll add a touch of nostalgic mojo to any stage! Sound-wise, both their guitars and basses are known for their midrange ‘chime’, delivering a healthy projection that suits pop music down to the ground.

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