Genelec have forged a re8putation for themselves as a brand that mixing engineers can trust. 


You’ll find their distinctive Genelec Classic Series in studios around the world, and their recent innovations push the boundaries in performance and customisation to suit your mixing setup.

History Of Genelec

Genelec was founded in 1978 in Finland with the philosophy to provide monitors that were reliable and offered completely neutral sound reproduction regardless of size. Rather than just copy the designs of other manufacturers, Genelec has always been at the forefront of innovation; from using rounded aluminium enclosures rather than square wooden cabinets for their 8000 series to their Smart Active Monitor (SAM) systems that allow you to precisely calibrate your monitors to your personal mixing environment.


Our Genelec Range spans a wide range of options to suit your budget.

Most people know genelec for their Classic 8000 series compact nearfield monitors with their instantly recognisable curved steel enclosure and built in Iso-Pod Stand. Genelec are unrivalled in providing maximum performance for their ultra-compact speakers; you’ll be amazed at the clarity and amount of bass Genelec can get from a 3” driver!

The M series offer a more buget friendly entrance into the world of Genelec speakers. Featuring some of the same technology as the 8000 series, Genelec have taken care to ensure you still get great performance whilst keeping costs down.