Allen & Heath Mixers

Allen & Heath Mixers

Allen & Heath have a great heritage in world class, British made mixing consoles, both live and in the studio.


Allen and Heath was first formed in 1969, becoming one of the first great British mixer companies. From fairly humble beginnings, A&H quickly became well known with the big touring acts, hand-building mixers for bands including Genesis, Pink Floyd and The Who.

Since then they have been a major player in Live Mixers for performance venues around the world, with headline acts like Bring Me The Horizon, Fifth Harmony and Morrissey including A&H desks on their rider. It’s not only the big acts either. Allen and Heath desks are favourites of rental companies, churches, DJs, Clubs and Studios everywhere; with their professional feature set, fantastic sound and overall durability that you can rely on.

Allen and Heath now offer a fantastic range of mixers to suit all needs and budgets. Lets take a look at the main few ranges.


The ZED series has been the most popular range in the Allen and Heath lineup for years. Offering a simple layout, excellent build quality and fantastic value for money, the ZED series is the standard choice for many bands, Houses of worship, and performance venues with it’s no nonsense design.

The ZED Series is now available in a number of different formats, from the ultra compact ZED 6 to the full featured ZED 24. All ZED Mixers can be used for both Live and Recording functions, however the ZEDi mixers and the ZED R16 Studio Mixers can offer a much more tailored feature set, including a built-in soundcard for multitrack recording.

Mix Wizard

The MixWizard series has been a staple for Allen and Heath since the mid 1990s and its become an industry standard for its proven quality, versatility and ruggedness. An absolute tank and a versatile mixer for any live environment.

QU Series

If you’re looking for a Digital mixer with a few more features than the classic analogue setup can give, the QU series is decended from A&H’s top of the range digital mixers and offer an affordable, compact digital mixer setup.

The Qu series fully embrace the potential of a digital mixer, including total recall of settings, flying faders, digital scribble strips, Cat-5 expandability and even wireless mixing over an ipad App. You also get help creating fantastic mixes quickly, using settings presets.

Qu Mixers are the ultimate versatile mixer, offering all the control you need in a live environment and full daw control and multitrack mixing over USB when you’re in the studio.