Fender Guitar & Bass Amps

Fender Guitar & Bass Amps

The Fender Amplifier range is quite simply, legendary. It is almost guaranteed that you will have heard them on some of the biggest hits and are well known for providing a wide range of tones and spawned the 'Blackface' and 'Tweed' sounds. Whether you are looking for combo's or amplifier heads, Fender have done it.

Their reverb sounds have created whole genres on their own and these amps are widely used to this day.

Whether you are looking to get a vintage Fender amplifier that has been brought to the present, a modified classic, or even a humble practice amplifier, Fender has you covered - Take half a century of amp-building expertise into amplifier form with the Fender Champion.

Looking for memorable valve tone? Try the Bassbreaker range. Looking for a plethora of tonal options? The Tone Master’s are here.

How about a perfect partner for your bass guitar such as the notorious Fender Rumble series?