Fender Guitar & Bass Amps

Fender Guitar & Bass Amps

The Fender Amp range is quite simply, legendary. Their amps are well known for providing a wide range of tones and spawned the 'Blackface' and 'Tweed' sounds. Their reverb sounds have created whole genres on their own and these amps are widely used to this day. Fender amps have always been hard to beat and many, many companies have based their entire existence on copying some Fender amp designs.

Popular Modern Models

Fender haven't just rested on their laurels in recent years. Their Hot Rod amp has been seen on stages all over the world for many years but they've continued to push boundaries with the release of their Bassbreaker amps which go for the higher gain market - something Fender haven't always been known for.

Digital & Valve amps

Fender have had success with their digital range called the Mustang range because of their accurate recreations of famous guitar tones. Their valve amps are loved the world over from the small but punchy Princeton amps to the bigger Twin Reverb, Hot Rod and Bassman models.