Aston Microphones

Aston Microphones

Aston Microphones are a fresh and innovative British company, with their microphones, reflection filters and recording accessories quickly becoming industry favourites for professional recording.

It's hard to believe that Aston Microphones are still a relatively new company, compared to the long standing brands like Rode, AKG, sE and others. 

Launched in 2015, Aston Microphones quickly gained rave reviews for their Aston Origin and Aston Spirit microphone models, both of which have now become modern favourites for professionals and semi-pros alike.

British Made Microphones

One of the cornerstone elements of the Aston brand is it's innate Britishness. All Aston products are engineered, manufactured and built in the UK. Designed from the ground-up, Aston mics are truly innovative in looks, features and performance.

With so many brands outsourcing part of the work to places like China, you'd be forgiven for thinking that British thoroughbred Aston microphones would be expensive. Yet somehow they've managed to get fantastic sounding microphones that are affordable to project studio owners on a budget. 

This may go some way as to why Aston Microphones have made such an impact on the recording world.


The First Microphones that Aston Released were large diaphragm condenser mics the Cardioid Aston Origin and multi pattern Aston Spirit. They have since released the small diaphragm condenser pencil mic called the Aston Starlight and a Reflection Filter called the Aston Halo. The more affordable Aston Element joined the line-up in 2020.

We also offer a number of Aston Bundles; packages offering fantastic value for vocalists and project studio starter packs.