Antelope Audio Zen Tour Synergy Core Thunderbolt 3 & USB Desktop Audio Interface

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Product Description

With the Zen Tour Synergy Core, Antelope Audio have produced yet another professional desktop audio interface that is powerful and versatile, yet remains incredibly portable. It contains custom ARM DSP + FPGA chips which are designed to process large numbers of output/input audio streams (alongside hundreds of low-latency effects), all without putting strain on your laptop or computer. Arguably, it sets a new standard when it comes to real-time audio effects.  

36 Real-Time Studio Effects

An extensive library consisting of 36 modelled, real-time studio effects comes built-in to the interface. Thanks to a combination of DSP processing, FPGA parallel computing and speedy Thunderbolt connectivity, they all operate with as little latency as possible. If you want to expand your sonic arsenal even further, its simple to download additional effects from Antelopes online store.

Enhanced Connectivity

A wide range of connectivity options ensures you'll be ready for any situation. In all, theres 8 analogue inputs and 14 outputs. Theres 4 instrument/line inputs, 4 mic/line-ins, 8 line outs, 2 headphone outs, 2 re-amp outs and 2 monitor outs. You can even expand digitally over ADAT/SPDIF, for up to 10 extra output channels and 10 more digital inputs. There's even a handy built-in talkback microphone which is ideal for projecting your voice into the live room. 

Expert Clocking

Boasting 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking tech combined with Jitter Management, you'll receive artefact-free audio that is usually reserved only for the most high-grade, professional studios. You can record and monitor fully maxed-out effects chains (at low buffer sizes and high sample rates) all without putting undue strain on your CPU.  

4 Discrete Mic Preamps

These completely discrete, ultra-linear mic preamps feature a quality of sound that hits the heights of premium mixing desks. Each helps project the power of Antelopes Accusonic 3D mic modelling tech right onto your computer or laptop.

Intuitive Interface

Hands-on touchscreen controls provide quick access to presets, settings, level controls and metering. This will speed up your workflow, making it far more efficient without needing to constantly reference your monitor. 

Portable Potential

Due to its small size, you can easily take the interface with you on your travels. All you'll need to compliment it is a set of headphones and a laptop. You'll be able to run processing-intensive projects pretty much anywhere - making it an ideal piece of gear to have on hand when creativity strikes you!

Audio Routing

Inside the units software, you'll find a routing matrix complete with a full digital patch bay. This lets you route audio as you see fit between both the digital and analogue outputs/inputs.  

Unmatched Build Quality

Built from premium materials, this interface is ruggedness personified. Whether you're in your home studio or working on the road, it'll be just as reliable. And thats not to mention the high performance drivers that deliver balanced, consistent operation wherever, whenever. 

Mic Modelling

Using the Accusonic 3D modelling engine paired with the purpose-made preamps, both the Verge modelling and Antelope Audio Edge microphones can be morphed into old-school sounding impersonations of classic, rare equipment. You can even tweak and alter parameters like polar patterns and the proximity effect. This can be done during and after recording.

Crystal Clear Converters

Ultra-clear AD/DA conversion ensures artefact free recording and precise critical listening. Its on a level with top-tier, studio rackmount interfaces, boasting a dynamic range of up to 130dB.


  • Discrete, ultra-linear mic preamps. 
  • Use 8 DC-coupled line outputs for CV applications such as controlling modular synths.
  • Supports brand new Synergy Core exclusive effects, including the Opto-2A, Auto-Tune Synergy and a bunch more. 
  • Thunderbolt 3 & USB 2.0 connectivity. 
  • Mac & Windows compatible. 
  • 32 channels (with sample rates of up to 192kHz).
  • Excellent AD/DA conversion (up to 130dB DNR). 
  • Contains x4 DSP + x2 FPGA Synergy Core low-latency effects/audio engine processors.
  • Lightens CPU load and optimises audio I/O, in turn, improving the stability of your system. 
  • When stacking complex, layered effects chains, latency is reduced. 
  • Extensive library packed full of creative effects and emulations of classic, vintage gear.
  • Frees up your CPU, especially during intensive, large sessions and when using resource-hungry virtual instruments. 
  • Record, monitor, edit and mix your productions all without perceived latency. 
  • Route the majority of your signal processing to the interface, with hundreds of FX instances (of sample rates up to 192kHz).
  • Use 'Classic' mode to harness the iconic Auto-Tune 5 Sound thats can be heard on a number of hit songs. 
  • Low-latency performance when using the Edge Go modelling microphone. 
  • Completely adjust Retune Speed, Humanize and Flex-Tune settings. 
  • Auto-Key automatic key and scale detection. 
  • Harness industry-standard pitch correction and auto tune during both live, studio and mixdown situations.
  • Built-in talkback.

Includes 36 Synergy Core FX

  • 1 Reverb 
  • 2 Utility FX
  • 22 Guitar Amps & Cabs 
  • 5 Compressors 
  • 4 Equalizers 
  • 2 Preamps 

In the Box 

  • Zen Tour Synergy Core Interface
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Inline External Power Supply Unit
  • USB Cable


  • 4 Instrument/Line Inputs
  • 4 Mic/Line Ins
  • 8 Line Outs 
  • 2 Monitor Outs
  • 2 Headphone Outs and 2 Re-Amp Outs 
  • Totalling 8 Analogue Inputs and 14 Outputs