The cajon is arguably the ultimate all-in-one percussive instrument, and we have a great selection to choose from here at Andertons Music Co!


The cajon is a hugely popular instrument of South American origin that has taken many forms over the years. Nowadays, the most common form is a rectangular box, fitted with an internal snare, that's used as both a seat and an instrument!

Because of its resonant design and built-in snare, it has the capacity to mimic a drum kit, with soft cymbal-like strokes, thudding bass tones and sharp backbeat attack. Because of this, it's incredibly popular with acoustic acts, delivering a full rhythmic ensemble effect with a single instrument! 

Our range includes traditional cajons, kits, accessories, and even the bongo cajon - as the name suggests, this can be placed in between the knees and played like a bongo set! We're proud to stock offerings from Meinl, Pearl, LP, Gon Bops and more, starting at just £17.99!

Take a look at our full cajon selection below - you're guaranteed to find something you like!