JBL have become a well known name for their professional live performance and studio gear.


JBL has a long rich history in professional and home audio. The Founder James Bullough Lansing, dedicated his life (and his initials J.B.L) to the pursuit of invention, focusing his life’s work on high quality audio.

Before JBL, Lansing first found success making loudspeakers for theatres and cinemas, riding the wave of the “talkies” where films started to need speaker systems to play the audio for these new films. He joined forces with the Altec Services Company in 1936 to establish Altec Lansing, another popular loudspeaker brand. But it was in 1946 that JBL released their first product, the 15” D101 speaker.

Since then, the brand has grown in popularity and became a sign of good quality in live performance venues. In 1995 they brought out the EON series, a popular range of Active PA Speakers that have become the staple of JBL’s PA system catalogue. These days you can get EON speakers in a number of formats including single active speakers, compact PA Systems with built-in mixer and also most recently as an utlra portable linear array system with the EON-one.

They have also created a fantastic range of affordable studio monitor systems with the LSR Series. LSR or Linear Spatial Reference speakers are designed to offer a professional stereo image, regardless of the size and shape of your room, making these speakers perfect for home audio and small project studios.