Sire Larry Carlton Series Guitars

Sire Larry Carlton Series Guitars

Larry Carlton is a legendary guitar virtuoso renowned for his slick jazz fusion style. A prolific session musician too of course, Carlton has recorded on hundreds of albums and worked with the likes of Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell, Barbra Streisand, The Crusaders and countless others.

With a hugely successful career that has spanned several decades, it's therefore fair to say that Mr. Carlton knows exactly what makes a guitar good! And after collaborating with Marcus Miller on an acclaimed line of bass guitars, Sire has now teamed up with Carlton to unleash a captivating range of electric guitars and acoustics.

Sire Larry Carlton Electric Guitars

It's not easy to get a name as big as Larry Carlton's quite literally on your guitars, but Sire managed it by building an exceptional range of instruments that he has personally signed off on. Split into four sub-ranges, the Sire Larry Carlton electric guitar lineup caters for different disciplines and styles.

The letters representing the S, L and H series' are indicative of the timeless guitars on which they are based: S = S-type, L = LP-style and H = hollowbody. In early 2021, Sire expanded their lineup with the new T series — and it’s not hard to figure out what those models are based on!

Sire Larry Carlton Acoustic Guitars

Sire's Larry Carlton acoustic guitar range comprises two base models that follow versatile dreadnought and grand auditorium shapes. They're a somewhat fresher take though, with a modernised aesthetic and features that are designed to improve playability — low-profile necks and Sire's smooth rolled-edge fingerboards.

But they're not too derivative though, and are crafted from traditional Rosewood, Mahogany and Spruce timbers that ensure a spellbinding acoustic tone. If you want to play live though, Sire's proprietary SIB electronics (fitted in their electro-acoustic guitars) provide a sweet, natural sound when amplified.