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Behringer MS-5 Analogue Mono Synth

Classic mono synth design

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Product Description

The Behringer MS-5 is a take on a classic design from history. Brilliant for creating powerful bass and exceptionally good at percussive sequenced type lines and experimental type sounds. It’s connectivity options and the ability to use external audio in multiple ways also allows this to be expanded greatly with other external gear such as modular. 

Tiltable Front Panel:

The synth can be laid flat or with the synth engine raised to allow you the best access to the sound engine no matter how you’re sat or standing.


The MS-5 builds on a deep history of analogue synths, built way back before the invention of MIDI and owning an instrument simular to this was likened to getting a mortage. The MS-5 brings that legendary tone back into the hands of modern musicians.

Patch free, free the mind:

What you see is what you get, like many other mono synths patch memory is left aside to focus on creativity, what you see on the front panel is what you get, if you want to save a patch you’ll need to either note down or just take a photo of the front panel. You’re forced to create a sound every time you switch the unit on, amazing for creativity and sound design exploration.

Key Features:

  • Fine tuning:
    There are 29 parameters which have adjustable fine tuning on the back of the unit. This can help adjust your synths controls to what you want it to be able to do. For example how the synth pitch’s it’s oscillators, the width of the filter etc. These are not dramatic changes, but they help to make the MS-5 respond in the way you might be more used to.
  • Adjustable ergonomics:
    Do you keep your synth on a rack unit, is it low down on the floor or on a table? Placement of synths in your collection can effect how you can interact with your instrument, the front panel can be tilted to 3 positions or left flat, meaning you can synth noodle in the most comfortable way possible.
  • Connectivity
    The MS-5 has a wide range of options for controlling the synth or using the synth to control other units. Audio can be routed into the synths filter, so hooking up to modular gear or using another unit such as the Behringer Neutron can expand the synths potential. MIDI, CV and even audio can be utilised.


  • Keyboard:
    - Number of Keys: 37
    - Type: Semi Weighted
    - Velocity sensitive
  • Oscillators
    - Number: 2
    - Waveforms: Triangle, Sawtooth (Ramp Down), Square, Pulse
    - OSC-1 Controls: MOD amount, Pulse Width, Waveform, Pitch +/-, Range, Sync Out, Mod mod source Switch, PWM mod source switch.
    - OSC-2 Controls: MOD amount, Pulse Width, Waveform, Pitch +/-, Range, Key Follow switch , Mod mod source Switch, PWM mod source switch.
  • Filters:
    - Switchable between LP, HP + BP
    - LPF Type: 24dB
    - Filter Controls: MOD Source Switch, Mod Mount, Type Selector, Cutoff + Resonance Faders, Keyboard follow, Sensitivity
    - Dedicated Band Pass filter with Frequency, Resonance and Level controls
  • Mixer section:
    - 5 Part mixer section with choice of Noise, VCO-1, VCO-2, Ring Mod, EXT IN, with the choice of routing where they are going to VCF, VCF+BPF, BPF and VCA
  • Noise Generator: White or Pink
  • LFO Sections:
    - Number of LFOS: 2
    - Waveforms: LFO 1 Saw or reverse saw, LFO 2 Triangle, sign or square.
    - Controls: Both include Rate control with LFO 2 including a Delay Time
  • Sample + Hold: Sample Time + Lag Time
  • Ring Mod: Includes source and control selectors
  • Envelope Generators:
    - ADSR: Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release with Fader controls
    - AR: Attach and Release on Fader controls
    - Triggers: Selectable Keyboard, Sample + Hold, LFO-2 or Exteranl Audio to trigger the envs.
  • Performance controls:
    Volume, Panning, Portamento time, Tuning, Portamento amount, Pitch Range, Transpose + Pitch + Mod Bender. Height
  • Connections:
    - Main Output: 2x 1/4" TRS Jacks
    - headphones: 1x 1/4" TRS Jack
    - Controllers: VCF, VCO, Output + Input on 1/4” TS Jacks
    - EXT Input: Trig + Audio 1/4" TS Jacks
    - CV: Keyboard CV output + input, Keyboard Gate Output + Input on 3.5mm TS Jacks
    - MIDI: In, Out + Thru on 5PIN DIN
    - Computer: USB-B (MIDI + Firmware)
  • Fine tuning controls: 29 adjustable tuneable parameters
  • Power: DC input centre Positive
  • Dimensions:
    - Length: 790mm / 31.1”
    - Width: 169mm / 6.7”
    - Height: 483mm / 19”
    - Weight: 12.2kg / 26.8lbs