Dreadbox Effects & Synthesizers

Dreadbox Effects & Synthesizers

Known for their wacky aesthetics and unusual sounds, Dreadbox’s synths are unique and truly in a class of their own.


Hearkening from Athens, Greece, Dreadbox are a small company amongst a sea of giants. That doesn’t make their products any less credible though, as Dreadbox are a highly innovative company founded by creatives, aspiring to push the boundaries of synth and sound technology.

With a streamlined synthesiser range, Dreadbox take a “quality over quanitity” approach when it comes to designing and developing their products.

The Dreadbox Range

Regarding themselves as a boutique synthesiser company, all of Dreadbox’s synths are handmade, boasting the attention to detail and quality that you’d expect from a hand-crafted electronic instrument.

The Abyss is arguably the brand’s flagship unit. A 4-voice analogue desktop synth, this polyphonic instrument features a VCO and sub-oscillator for each of its voices, with LFO and modulation controls giving you further sonic flexibility. Using old-school analogue components, the Abyss has a warm quality that can go from subtle to extreme at just the turn of a few controls.

The NYX is another strong product in the Dreadbox lineup. Also fully analogue, this duophonic and paraphonic synthesiser has a versatile filter section as well as a number of envelope generators (modulators). Also sporting a built-in reverb from Crazy Tube Circuits, this feature-packed synth delivers a huge range of tones for even the most fastidious of sound-scapers.