Teenage Engineering

Teenage Engineering

With Teenage Engineering, you get to tear up the rule book and create your own rules! Browse this whacky range of synths and music gear and inspire your creativity!


Teenage engineering is one of the most innovative companies in the music tech market at the moment. Their inspirational range of products create a unique and playful way of creating music, by tapping into our inquisitive, childlike nature. Mono synths that look like 80s pocket games, accessories that allow you connect your Lego machinery; with Teenage Engineering, you get to tear up the rule book and create your own rules!

These synths are a huge amount of fun, but don’t be fooled by their simple playful look. Under the hood Teenage Engineering use top quality components to create professional instruments for the serious musician.

Sometimes the sheer power and choice of a software synth or complex keyboard can bamboozle you, so that you don’t know where to start. Teenage Engineering believe that creating limitations can actually have a positive effect on your music.  Their synths subscribe to a simple workflow with a careful selection of tools that give you the space and creativity you need, without the distraction of unlimited choice. As a result, you can make decisions quickly and just focus on your music; and have fun along the way!

A wide range of musicians now use Teenage Engineering instruments as part of their creative process; Including Beck, Bon Iver, Depeche Mode, OK Go and CHVRCHES.


Teenage Engineering grew out of a simple Stockholm Garage; a creative and playful space for a group of passionate self-taught engineers and a couple of classic cars.

Founded in 2005, it’s not hard to see how this unique workspace environment has shaped and defined the ethos and distinctive style for the company.

It took them 5 years, but in 2011, Teenage Engineering released their first product at the NAMM Show. The OP-1 gained near universal acclaim, and its innovative design a number of awards in the process.

Since then, they have continued to innovate, successfully creating their own niche in the competitive world of Music Tech.


Their first synth, The OP-1 is a portable synthesizer and controller, with 4 track virtual tape recorder, 6 sequencers, 10 unique synth engines, 2 built in samplers with built in mic & FM radio. It’s unique colour coded workflow and super AMOLED display makes creating music easy and fun. You can also do more cool stuff with their range of creative accessories, including crank, rubber bands and even Lego…the possibilities are endless!

Teenage Engineering also have a range of ultra-portable synth calculator shape devices called Pocket operators. These synths offer a range of different voices including, synth lead & chord, bass, crazy drum & percussion sounds and even the nostalgia of classic arcade game sounds.