Waldorf are a German manufacturer of high-quality synthesizers with a legendary reputation! 


It all started in 1980 with the development of the PPG Wavecomputer by Wolfgang Palm, a digital synth concept that paved the way for Waldorf technology. In production until 1987, it ultimately led to the development of the now-legendary Microwave Rack Wavetable synth. Allowing unparalleled manipulation of individual waveforms, this highly sought-after piece of equipment ended the reign of US and Japanese manufacturers and ushered in something of a synth renaissance!

Waldorf continued in this fashion, releasing what they considered to be game-changing synths and gear that eventually solidified their position as one of the top synth manufacturers in the world.

Waldorf is considered a premium manufacturer, but some of their most popular gear proved it a hit due to its relative affordability compared to competitors. The Blofeld synth module was introduced in 2007 to huge critical acclaim; a feature-packed synth with a stripped-down interface and a tiny enclosure! It was a winning formula, and it proved that Waldorf still had a great understanding of their audience and the industry.

Nowadays, their colourful product line covers synth modules, effects, Eurorack gear, controller keyboards and all-encompassing polyphonic synths like the monstrous Quantum 8-Voice. For more information on ordering from our Waldorf range, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – otherwise, check out our full selection below!