Neumann are world-leaders when it comes to studio & live microphones. It’s hard to imagine any recording studio without a Neumann, as they’re considered industry-standard for recording & live microphones.


Neumann Mics (pronounced ‘noy-man’) are the kings of the studio microphone. There isn’t a mic in their range that isn’t loved and widely used by studios all around the world.

The range of Neumann Microphones

Neumann have been around for many years and their mics have been heard on countless records! Your favourite songs were probably recorded using Neumann microphones.

The range is quite simple to understand and Neumann are firm believers in mics having more than one application.

The 2 most famous Neumann microphones would be the U87 and the U67. Both are world-class vocal microphones with unique tonal characteristics.

The U67 & U87

The U87 has a detailed and clear sound that blends seamlessly into almost any mix. Somehow, vocals recorded with the U87 always seem to sit perfectly in the mix without losing and clarity and has thus become a go-to mic, especially for pop vocals. It’s also popular as a drum room mic thanks to its large diaphragm.

The U67 is a legacy product but was one of their most famous tube microphones. It captured vocals beautifully whilst adding a thick layer of tube saturation that would fatten up any vocal take.

The TLM range

If you’re after a slightly more versatile and cost-effective mic then you won’t go wrong with the TLM102, a Swiss Army knife in the world of condenser mics. It’s got an incredibly high sound pressure level, meaning it’s perfect for drumkits, loud guitar cabs and even bass cabs!

The TLM103 is the next model up and it’s got a slightly more ‘open’ character thanks to the size of its diaphragm. The same goes for the TLM107 which goes up in price but is also a bigger microphone.

Other notable Neumann Microphones

Drummers absolutely love the KM184 Stereo mic set because this stereo pair of pencil mics record drums with an incredible amount of detail. These mics are also perfect for recording acoustic guitars or other folk-style instruments.

If you’re a singer who cares about your live vocal sound then you’ll want to go for the KMS 105 super-cardioid vocal microphone. Most singers will use whatever microphone is at the venue, but if you want to take your performance then you’ll need a pro mic. These mics retain all the nuances of the human voice whilst delivering a powerful, clean sound.