Bose PA Systems

Bose PA Systems

Bose offer some of the most popular and well respected line array systems. Their powerful yet portable PA solutions offer a huge amount of flexibility to touring musicians and venues.


Many people first know Bose as being a premium lifestyle audio brand with their headphones, wireless soundlink systems and TV soundbars being on many music lover's wishlist.

Yet Bose's expanding range of stylish and professional PA systems are really popular amongst musicians that are looking for the very best sound and performance in a portable package. 


Bose was founded with the ethos of "discovering new and better solutions than anything that's come before" From a simple set of principals, Bose has become a leader in innovation for over 50 years, with much of its success in providing high quality audio products.

The company was the brainchild of MIT Professor Dr. Amar Bose, who founded the company with a simple but fresh perspective on audio design. When most manufacturers created speaker designs by measuring and evaluated by its relative specifications (eg distortion level), Dr. Bose wanted to create speakers that sounded good! So he measured the quality of the speaker by how it was perceived by the listener. i.e. What's going to make this speaker sound better, not just change some numbers on a sheet!

This kind of lateral thinking and innovative design is how Bose approach all their products, from inventing the noise cancelling technology currently sweeping the headphone market, to their innovative line array PA systems that have been copied by competitors but never bettered.


Here at Andertons Music Co., we offer the full range of Bose Portable PA Systems available, from the original L1 line array setups to the latest releases.

L1 Portable PA Systems

The L1 system was one of the first portable PA systems to develop the line array principal in a smaller footprint. Instead of a traditional top and sub speaker setup. The L1 features a sleek and low profile line of directional speakers and optional sub that offer wide dispersion, are much more portable, and can be connected together to create a modular speaker setup. In some systems the speaker can be packed down into the bass subwoofer, and the system can be enhanced by adding Bose's Tonematch mixer that offers more inputs, built in effects and a range of mixing options and "ToneMatch Presets" that make getting the perfect sound simple and non-technical.

F1 Flexible Array System

The F1 system was created to bring the full touring line array design from stadiums to smaller spaces. The F1 has a flexible baffle that can be set in 4 different positions to create the best dispersion and coverage for specific live setups.

S1 Pro Sysem

The S1 Pro is the most compact PA system Bose has yet produced. Super light and with the option of being battery powered. You can get Bose PA professional sound at any gig, in any location. Featuring a built-in Tonematch engine with presets and built-in effects, you'll have everything you need to play as an acoustic artist or duo.

If you'd like to find out more about the differences between Bose's PA systems, check out our handy guide or get in touch. Otherwise, you'll find the full selection below!