Klon Style Overdrive Pedals

Klon Style Overdrive Pedals

Considered by many as the “Holy Grail” of pedals, the Klon Centaur overdrive pedal was originally developed in the '90s. Manufactured during a six-year period, it is estimated that only 8,000 were made in total, making them incredibly rare and sought after.

The Klon is more or less responsible for the 'transparent' buzzword that many companies use to market their own overdrive pedals. Retaining much of the character of your unaffected tone, the Klon could add a sweet and harmonically rich overdrive with excellent bite and sustain.

With many famous users, including John Mayer, Jeff Beck and Nick Valensi (The Strokes), this pedal can be heard on hundreds of recordings. Its popularity has never wavered, and players all over the world still crave the excellent tones offered by this game-changing circuit.

RYRA has designed a convincing Klon recreation, 'The Klone'. Available in a number of cool colours, these distinctive pedals not only spruce up your tone but look fantastic on your board too!

The J Rockett JRAD Archer Ikon also captures the essence of the legendary Klon. Not only projecting a genuine tone, it also has a familiar look but it's circuitry is enclosed in a much smaller, pedalboard-friendly enclosure.

The Electro Harmonix Soul Food is a highly-affordable Klon clone, although the Tone City Bad Horse takes the biscuit when it comes to price. It's also in a tiny mini pedal chassis!