We stock all the best gear from Roland's vast and exciting catalogue; from their legendary synths to industry leading v-drums, innovative solid-state amplifiers and gorgeous digital pianos.

Roland are an iconic brand providing great products in almost every corner of the music instrument world. And because their catalogue is so large, we have our own Roland specialist to help out with all your shopping needs.

What that means for you is that you're guaranteed the very best service and expertise throughout the whole process of buying a new Roland digital piano, keyboard, electronic drum kit and hi-tech gear.

History Of Roland

The Roland Corporation are on the cutting edge of musical instrument innovation, and have been since their creation in 1972.
With a brand culture very much influenced by its Japanese origins, Roland are constantly pushing the boundaries of digital music making, leading to them producing the best electronic drum kits in the world, as well as the most popular digital home pianos and keyboards.

But it's synths where Roland really cut their teeth and their impact on the synthesizer market stretches right back to the 1980s when Roland founder Ikutaro Kakehashi had a pivotal role in developing the MIDI standard which is still used extensively to this day.


Roland makes a series of beginner to professional instruments including a large selection of electric pianos, the Rd-2000 Stage Piano, FA Series Workstations, GT-1000 Multi Effect Processor, and Aira Series products designed for modern electronic musicians. As well as these, Roland makes a series of top-end amplifiers such as the Katana Series, Blues Cubes, and the classic Jazz Chorus.

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