JHS Pedals

JHS Pedals

With a large amount of high-profile names using their stompboxes, JHS guitar pedals are commonly seen on the pedalboards of professionals and hobbyists alike. With virtuoso Andy Timmons and modern rock/country star Ryan Adams on JHS’ endorser list, both of whom have their very own signature pedals, the appeal of JHS’ designs continues to spread.

History of JHS Pedals

With humble beginnings, JHS started out as a mod shop, taking existing stompboxes and replacing their components to improve their sound. It was in 2007 that founder Josh Scott started selling modified Boss BD-2s, inspired by the instance that his very own unit broke and he managed to repair it.

Spending years touring and doing session work for other musicians, Scott learned of their needs and demands from pedals. Using that experience to great effect, the JHS team started developing original circuits shortly after, including the Morning Glory overdrive and Pulp N Peel compressor.

Today, the company employs a team of 20-25 people at their Kansas facility, skillfully constructing their circuits by hand to maintain an excellent level of quality.

The JHS Pedals Range

With more than a decade's worth of pedal building know-how, JHS has a strong and varied lineup. But there’s definitely one pedal that can be classed as its flagship product...

JHS Angry Charlie

Arguably, JHS’ most renowned pedal is the Angry Charlie. Now in its 3rd version, this high-gain distortion pedal is adored for its genuine amp-like sound and feel, essentially giving you a modded Marshall JCM800 in a compact stompbox.

Boasting a powerful 3-band EQ section, this pedal is also very versatile, letting you adapt it easily for dark or bright-sounding amplifiers. With a wide range of gain on tap, the Angry Charlie can go from Hendrix-esque crunch to searing metal tones.

Gaining notoriety on the popular YouTube channel ‘That Pedal Show’, the potent sound of the Angry Charlie caught the attention of even the biggest names in the business.

JHS/BOSS Angry Driver

In 2017, JHS collaborated with legendary pedal company BOSS to produce a joint-designed pedal. Named the Angry Driver, this pedal combined core elements from the Angry Charlie and Boss’ Blues Driver.

Modded Pedals

Whilst JHS now boasts a large product range, the company hasn’t entirely abandoned its roots. Still offering modded pedals, this show that JHS are still open to garnering inspiration from other manufacturers.

Their current range includes modded Electro Harmonix Big Muff pedals, such as the Op Amp “Pumpkin Patch” and Green Russian “Moscow Mod”. JHS have added further tone switches and dials to these units, allowing for further control.