Welcome to the world of ENGL Amps: where tone becomes an obsession and music reaches new heights. We are proud to stock an unparalleled selection of top-quality electric guitar amplifiers that will elevate your sound and inspire your playing. Whether you're a beginner seeking your first serious amp or a seasoned professional looking for the next level of sonic excellence, ENGL has got you covered.

Engl’s amps are meticulously designed and built in Germany to deliver the perfect blend of power, versatility, and tonal richness across combo amps, heads and cabinets.

The ENGL Powerball II offers a ferocious high-gain tone that has become a favourite among metal shredders like Alexi Laiho and Gary Holt. For those seeking classic British tones, the ENGL Retro Tube 50 takes inspiration from vintage British amps and adds its own modern twist.

ENGL amps feature advanced features such as built-in noise gates, power scaling, and programmable channels, allowing you to shape your sound with precision and convenience. With ENGL, you're not just getting an amp, but a powerful creative tool that will help you unlock new musical possibilities.

Experience the magic of ENGL Amps and join the ranks of renowned artists who trust ENGL to deliver their signature sound. From the biggest stages to the most intimate studios, ENGL Amps have been the secret weapon of players like Marty Friedman, Victor Smolski, and Paul Stanley.