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If you've got an electric guitar, you'll need an amplifier to complete the partnership. You just can't have one without the other, and the millions of variable combinations between guitar and amp are what account for the limitless palette of tones in the music world. Will you go for a Fender guitar into a Fender amp? Or replicate the classic Gibson and Marshall union?

Here at Andertons Music Co. we've got guitar amp heads, combos and cabs from the world's foremost brands including Orange, Blackstar, Vox, Mesa/Boogie, Boss and more. So whatever electric guitars you own, they'll find their tag-team partner right here!

In the last few years, digital modelling amps have come on leaps and bounds, with some even considering them better than real guitar amps. We’ve got Kemper Profiling amps, the Boss Katana series and even the Line 6 Helix range. The computers are most definitely taking over!

However, you might prefer your amps to be powered by valves for the truest tones possible. We’ve got you more than covered in that department, from affordable valve offerings to high-end amps from the likes of Friedman, Milkman and Morgan. These boutique amps do come at a premium, of course, but their exquisite tones are worth the extra money! And if you want British-built tube amp sounds, you should check out Victory and Rift Amps.

Are you an acoustic strummer or bass player that landed on this page by accident? Have no fear, as we also have a huge selection of acoustic guitar amps and bass amps in our inventory!