Instrument & Drum Microphones

Instrument & Drum Microphones

Whether it's a guitar amp microphone, a bass drum microphone or a clip on sax mic, sometimes you want something specific to do the job. Our Instrument and Drum Microphones are just the thing!


We have a great selection of condenser and dynamic instrument microphones to suit a wide range of situations in the studio and out on stage. From full drum microphone packs to clip-on dynamic mics for brass instruments; we stock a wide selection of the top brands like Shure, AKG, Lauten Audio, Audix, Electrovoice and Sontronics.

Drum Microphone Packs 

If you're always miking up a drum kit, Our drum microphone packs offer really handy mic setups to get the most out of your drum sound. these kits can include a kick drum mic with extended bass response, easy to use clip on dynamic mics for the toms, dedicated snare mics, and small diaphragm condensers to capture the cymbals and the kit as a whole.

Instrument Microphones

Although many different mics can be used as instrument microphones to great effect, sometimes it's useful to use a dedicated mic so that you know you can get that same sound, every time. Certain designs can make life much easier when you're recording; like the gooseneck clip-on mic that attaches to the bell of a trumpet or brass instrument, maintaining its miking position no matter how much the performer moves while playing.