Boss Pedals

Boss Pedals

They've got a massive selection of pedals to nail any effect you can think of from overdrive and distortion to modulations, delays and reverbs!

More recently Boss have taken over from a lot of the Roland guitar products and are leading the line with their Katana amps and even newer acoustic amps.

History Of Boss

Boss is run by the giants that are the Roland Corporation. Roland are the parent company based in Japan who have been innovating and defining the musical instrument industry since 1972 with their effects, pianos, amps and instruments.

Boss pedals have had the financial backing to take on new frontiers in the guitar world and are the reason why we have so many pedal companies in the world trying to follow their legacy.

Guitarists love effects. And Boss are the granddaddy of all guitar effects and still have a firm hand in the industry today. The various pedals that have been released throughout the years are steeped in folklore with different versions of the same pedal gaining massive cult status. For example: the rarity of the ‘long-dash’ DS-1 which has a PCB circuit made in Japan rather than the short-dash DS which was made in Taiwan.


Boss produce a massive range of pedals as well as some incredible practice and gigging amps like the Katana series.
As for the pedals there are fan-favourites like the Blues Driver, Boss DS-1 Distortion and the MT-2 Metal Zone pedal. But on top of that they’ve taken on the boutique market with their do-it-all Reverb (RV-500), Delay (DD-500) and Modulation (MD-500) pedals.

They’ve got the standard range of Boss compacts which are made in Taiwan and built like absolute tanks. These are seen on pedalboards all around the world because practically every pedal collection starts with a Boss compact.

In recent years Boss also introduced their Waza Craft line of effects and amps which are all made in Japan. So whether you want a Looper like Ed Sheeran or a multi-fx unit with all of the effects built-in there’s something in the Boss range to make sure you’re covered.