ThorpyFX build guitar pedals designed to take whatever comes their way! With extremely rugged enclosures, simple interfaces and relatively compact sizes, they can withstand the most rigorous of touring schedules while delivering stunning tones gig after gig.

The mastermind behind the operation is Mr Adrian Thorpe MBE, a British Army veteran. In 2014 after a decorated military career, he was encouraged by his wife Georgia to pursue his passion for guitar effects. He set about laying the foundations for his contribution to the stompbox world with a clear mission statement: to produce the best sounding, most robust and most beautiful guitar effects available!

As mentioned earlier, this means attention to detail, robust construction, and using only the highest quality components. All of their pedals are handmade in Wiltshire, England, by Thorpe and his family.

The ThorpyFX range is concise with a focus on producing pristine analog tones. This means that they offer a colourful variety of overdrive, fuzz and boost effects that’ll add texture and character to any signal chain. Among their most popular offerings is the incredible Fallout Cloud fuzz pedal, a muff-style old-school fuzz with bucket-loads of tone!

Check out our full ThorpyFX range of effects pedals below!